Local Twin Ports “Business Figure” Victor Martinez Faces Scrutiny Amid Allegations of Misrepresentation and Controversial Business Practices


In recent developments within the local business community, Victor Martinez, who is also known as Vic Vice, Vic-De-Mone and Vegas Vic, has found himself at the center of various controversies and allegations related to his professional conduct and business ventures. Mr. Martinez’s previous affiliations include several professional music studios in Duluth MN.

Mr. Martinez has portrayed himself as a multi-talented professional, including claims of being an audio engineer, business strategist, graphic and web designer, there are concerns regarding the authenticity of these assertions. Reports suggest that he has engaged in questionable practices, including soliciting funds for services that may not align with the quality he promises. For instance, he charges a substantial fee of $599 for web design services, despite utilizing templates readily available from third-party hosting platforms.

One particularly notable incident involved Mr. Martinez’s attempt to organize a business gala, during which he offered sponsorship advertisement spots on promotional materials. However, concerns arose when the quality of the advertising materials came under scrutiny. Some participants reported receiving subpar representations, raising doubts about Mr. Martinez’s professionalism and competence.

Furthermore, Mr. Martinez has ventured into various business endeavors, such as Zenith City Media and a local magazine, which have raised questions of originality and ethical conduct. Allegations of using out of context screen shots of personal / business messages for malicious intent and borrowing ideas from previous business associates have surfaced, potentially contributing to strained relationships.

In addition, Mr. Martinez has faced accusations of failing to follow through on business commitments and of hosting “The Paranormal Podcast” after originally promoting another podcaster’s show of that same genre, leaving unanswered questions about his intentions, reliability and once again originality / ethical conduct.

These controversies have led some individuals, including a potential customer, to voice concerns about Mr. Martinez’s credibility and intentions, suggesting that he may be attempting to mislead or take advantage of others. Additionally, inflammatory comments that have surfaced in his online interactions have raised questions about his professionalism and conduct.

In light of these allegations and controversies, opinions regarding Victor Martinez’s character and business practices may vary. As with any individual or business entity, it is crucial for prospective clients and partners to exercise due diligence and make informed decisions when engaging in professional relationships. The community is advised to approach such situations with caution and consider their own financial interests when dealing with Mr. Victor Martinez. “Do you need a cool website…” Keep your head on a swivel ladies and gentleman.

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