Duluth MN Rustic Bar Assault: Victim Names Bob Griak & Scott Rabold As Attackers, NAACP Steps In.

  • Michelle Folson – Scott kicked and stomped my head while Bob had the back of my hair and slammed my face over and over again into the ground!

In recent days, Duluth, Minnesota, has been shaken by an unsettling incident that unfolded at the Rustic Bar, located on the 400 block of Central Avenue. Initially perceived as a simple bar altercation, this situation has evolved into a complex and controversial narrative. In this article, we dive into the details surrounding the alleged assault, the public backlash, the ongoing investigation, and personal perspectives.

The Alleged Assault

The incident occurred on the night of Tuesday, September 12, when Michelle Folson, a patron at Rustic Bar, reported the attack. In a detailed Facebook post, she asserted that she was subjected to a brutal assault by two white men who viciously kicked and stomped on her head and face. Folson described her ordeal, waking up disoriented and bloodied in the bar’s parking lot, with no memory of the attack.

The Immediate Response

Folson’s initial Facebook post included graphic images of her blood-stained glasses, shirt, and severe facial injuries. Understandably, her account of the incident triggered outrage on social media, igniting calls for justice within the community.

Public Outcry and Backlash

The situation escalated when the Duluth Police Department initially reported a fight involving two females at Rustic Bar, with two males intervening to separate them. This official statement on Facebook faced criticism from commenters who contested the department’s version of events. Many believed that Folson’s account, alleging two men assaulted a female victim, contradicted the police’s narrative.

Support from the Victim

Adding complexity to the situation, Michelle Folson herself took to social media to share her side of the story. She provided graphic photos of her injuries and identified Bob Griak & Scott Rabold as the individuals she believed were responsible for the attack. Michelle Folson – “Scott kicked and stomped my head while Bob had the back of my hair and slammed my face over and over again into the ground!”

The Ongoing Investigation

The owner of Rustic Bar decided to cooperate with the investigation, providing surveillance video footage of the incident to the Duluth Police Department. This cooperation marked a crucial step toward uncovering the events of that night.

On Monday, September 18, the Duluth Police Department released an official statement acknowledging the incident and outlining their ongoing investigation. They clarified the timeline, revealing that officers had responded to a medical assistance call on Wednesday, September 13, related to the assault that occurred the previous day. The victim, a 39-year-old woman, suffered head and facial injuries requiring hospitalization.

The Surveillance Video

Surveillance footage from Rustic Bar showed two females initially engaged in a conversation that escalated into a physical altercation. At this point, two males, known to one of the females involved, intervened and allegedly assaulted the female victim. The motive behind the altercation remains under investigation, with pending charges as the police continue their active inquiry.

Community Outrage and the Call for Patience

Acknowledging the intense public outrage, the Duluth Police Department called for the community’s patience as they diligently investigate the Rustic Bar incident. Investigators have engaged with witnesses and obtained additional video footage from surrounding establishments.

A Call for Justice

As the investigation unfolds, the community’s demand for justice remains steadfast. A protest outside the Rustic Bar was organized to express solidarity with the victim and demand accountability in the case. Additionally, Michelle Folson’s daughter initiated a GoFundMe campaign to assist with her mother’s recovery, highlighting the traumatic nature of the assault and the significant medical expenses incurred. The NAACP is actively promoting the daughter’s GoFundMe campaign.


****UPDATE ******** 2.29.23

The Duluth Police Department has completed our investigation into the incident that occurred at the Rustic Bar on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. DPD turned the completed investigation over to the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office on Thursday, September 21. The St. Louis County Attorney’s Office determined not to pursue gross misdemeanor or felony charges in this specific incident, which is within their sole jurisdiction. The Duluth City Attorney’s Office received the case for review on Wednesday, September 27, and will prosecute both males for assault. These men will be issued citations as, under these circumstances, Minnesota Statute does not allow for them to be taken into custody. The two females involved in the initial physical confrontation will not be charged. No further information will be released about this case as it remains open until considered inactive pursuant to Minnesota Statute 13.82.

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