Black Excellence Shines Bright: Duluth Celebrates 4 Years of ‘144 Music Fashion & More’ and the Grand Opening of ‘Kickin’ Chicken’


In the heart of Downtown Duluth, Minnesota, a story of black excellence, entrepreneurship, and community building is flourishing. Tim Squalls, known as “Loc Da Realist,” is celebrating four successful years as the owner of “144 Music Fashion & More,” a thriving clothing store in the city. This milestone marks not only a testament to his dedication but also to the growing integration of the black community into Duluth’s business landscape.

Tim Squalls, a multifaceted talent, brings a wealth of experience from his music career, having worked alongside with the iconic Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Pusha T and many more. He briefly signed with Sony Records, showcasing his exceptional talent on the national stage. As he expands his horizons, Tim is set to release his latest music project, “Abaddon,” before the end of this year.

In a move that epitomizes unity within the black community and its commitment to uplifting Duluth, Tim Squalls has recently rebranded his store’s front and stocked it with fresh, exciting merchandise. The grand reopening of “144 Music Fashion & More” promises to be an event to remember, demonstrating the resilience and determination of black entrepreneurs in Duluth.

Supporting this celebratory occasion is Benard B. Gantz, another remarkable black business owner in Duluth. Benard, the mastermind behind “Knutthouze Records,” is known not only for his music enterprise but also for his unwavering support of the music industry nationwide. His business logos have graced flyers from the southern reaches of the United States, solidifying his commitment to promoting artists from all corners of the country.

Benard is introducing his brand-new food truck, “Kickin’ Chicken,” during the festivities. The food truck promises a delectable menu of deep-fried chicken that’s sure to tantalize taste buds. The introduction of “Kickin’ Chicken” adds another layer of diversity and flavor to Duluth’s culinary scene, reflecting the vibrant tapestry of the black community’s contributions to the city.

This weekend, on Friday and Saturday Sept. 22nd and 23rd, from lunchtime until closing, Duluth is invited to join in the celebration. The grand opening of “Kickin’ Chicken” will run concurrently with the re-grand opening of “144 Music Fashion & More.” 28 W 1st St. Duluth MN 55802. It’s an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to come together, appreciate black excellence, and witness firsthand how the black community is thriving and building bridges within Duluth.

As we commemorate these milestones and the intertwining of black entrepreneurship with Duluth’s business landscape, we can look forward to a brighter future where diversity and unity continue to drive our community’s success. Join us this weekend to celebrate, connect, and support these outstanding black-owned businesses, as we take pride in the remarkable journey of Tim Squalls and Benard B. Gantz.

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