Did seven-foot ‘aliens’ attack Peru’s village?



Residents of a village situated in Peru have reported encountering unusual incidents involving towering entities that they described as ‘seven-foot-tall beings’. According to local leaders, these ‘creatures’ exhibited characteristics such as ‘floating’ and being ‘armoured’, leading them to be seemingly impervious to projectiles. The villagers drew parallels between these entities and local myths about ‘los Pelacaras’ or ‘the Face Peelers’, often associated with supernatural phenomena.

However, law enforcement authorities have raised suspicions that these accounts might be linked to illegal gold-mining operations orchestrated by criminal syndicates. Offering an alternative perspective, officials have put forth a theory suggesting that the so-called ‘aliens’ could be members of gold mafias connected to drug cartels such as ‘O Primeiro Comando da Capital’ in Brazil, ‘Clan del Golfo’ in Colombia, and FARC. The ongoing investigation conducted by Peru’s national prosecutor’s office indicates that these gold ‘mafias’ could be behind the reported incidents.

Allegedly, these gold cartels are employing tactics to spread an atmosphere of ‘alien’ terror through their actions within Peru. Prosecutors assert that the ultimate goal of these cartels is to create fear, thereby confining local residents to their residences and deterring them from accessing the illegal gold mining sites linked to these criminal groups. Notably, the utilization of jetpack technology was initially pioneered by these illicit mining cartels as a means of scouting for gold reserves in the extensive forests bordering the Nanay river in Peru.

In the rural region of Alto Nanay, specifically in Ikitu, reports began circulating about a ‘siege’ of ‘alien’ encounters starting in the summer, specifically on July 11. Inhabitants of the area expressed concerns over confrontations with enigmatic figures standing at an imposing 7 feet tall and often cloaked in dark attire. The territory in question holds significant gold deposits, resembling sediment in the riverbeds along the Nanay river’s tributaries that eventually flow into the Amazon.

Jairo Reátegui Ávila, a prominent figure within the Ikitu community, communicated his belief that these occurrences involved extraterrestrial beings, recounting an incident where he allegedly shot one of these entities twice, only for it to withstand the attack and vanish. Expressing apprehension about the situation, Reátegui Ávila stated, “We are fearful of the developments unfolding within our community.”

Another pivotal witness, a schoolteacher, has also come forward, attesting to witnessing peculiar airborne phenomena originating from the ground. Carlos Castro Quintanilla, the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, noted, “Their mode of operation seems to involve advanced technology, possibly employing thrust mechanisms enabling human flight.”


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