Tragic Single-Vehicle Crash Claims Two Lives in Duluth Intersection Collision 8-26-23


In Duluth, Minnesota, a tragic incident unfolded at the crossroads of Haines Rd and Skyline Pkwy, resulting in the loss of two lives. The local authorities swiftly responded to a distress call regarding a single vehicle crash Saturday Aug. 26th at precisely 1:21 p.m.

Upon their arrival, law enforcement officials meticulously pieced together the sequence of events. A 2001 Ford F-150 had been navigating its way southward when, for reasons yet to be determined, it veered off course, careening off the road’s surface. This uncontrolled trajectory culminated in a collision with a solid concrete barricade.

Emergency lifesaving procedures were initiated without delay. Tragically, the outcome remained unaltered as both the operator of the vehicle, (Shelly Morton, 51) a resident of Duluth, as well as the passenger, (Justice Williams, 27) from Superior, succumbed to their injuries. The incident left a somber atmosphere as both individuals were declared deceased at the scene, despite the dedicated efforts of those who rushed to their aid.

Authorities are actively engaged in a comprehensive investigation to unearth the underlying factors that contributed to this unfortunate turn of events. As the investigation unfolds, the community is left grappling with grief and seeking solace in the memories of those lost.

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