Heartbreak in Duluth: Neglected Male Dog Found Half Dead In Ditch (NOW DECEASED) “Dog’s Owner Identified”


In a distressing incident that has shaken the community of Duluth, Minnesota, a Male dog named Gio was found near death in a ditch, sparking outrage and a call for justice. The distressing discovery was made not far from the Animal Allies Humane Society, who promptly posted about the incident on their social media platforms.

The male dog, owned by Rain Korby, was in a severe state, unable to walk, and exhibiting signs of prolonged kennel confinement. The heartbreaking news of Gio’s demise less than 24 hours after being found has prompted an outpouring of support, with donations exceeding $9,000.

Rain Korby, the owner of the dog, took to Facebook to share her side of the story. She explained that she had entrusted Gio’s care to a friend, McKenzie Angell, who allegedly failed in her responsibility. Rain Korby emphasized her lack of awareness of Gio’s deteriorating condition, citing personal issues and depression as reasons for her absence from home. However there was a screen shot of a conversation that happened before Rain made her own social media post which shows a different side.

“I had absolutely no idea my dog looked like this. I didn’t know this until someone sent me a picture of him,” Korby wrote, expressing shock and heartbreak at the tragic fate of her beloved pet.

The situation has taken a legal turn, with Korby asserting that she has contacted Animal Allies and that there is video surveillance in her apartment building. The incident is now under investigation by the Humane Society, and Korby has pledged to face any consequences that may arise.

Community members are expressing their anger and disappointment towards McKenzie Angell on social media, holding her accountable for the alleged neglect. One post says “Animal Abuser And Murder” with a picture of Mckenzie Angelo and Pictures of GIO. There has also been allegations of child abuse as Rain has made posts about her child being in difficult situations and needing prayers. One comment on a post said “Her kid had things going on to. She should be investigated atp.” followed up with a screen shot of Korby’s Original Post. However, it’s crucial to note that this information is based on social media posts, and the investigation by the Humane Society will determine the facts surrounding the case.

Animal Allies Humane Society has also released an update, expressing their sorrow over the loss of the dog they named Lovebug. The funds raised for Lovebug will now be directed towards helping other animals in need, turning the tragedy into an opportunity to support the humane society’s broader mission.

As the community mourns the loss of Gio and seeks justice for his suffering, the legal framework in Minnesota regarding animal cruelty is likely to play a significant role in determining accountability. According to the 2022 Minnesota Statutes on Animal Cruelty, individuals can face penalties for overdriving, neglecting, or unjustifiably injuring animals.

The investigation is ongoing, and the community is looking to legal authorities to ensure that this case is treated with the seriousness it deserves, echoing calls for justice akin to a human murder investigation. The tragic fate of Gio serves as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need for stringent consequences for those found guilty of animal cruelty.

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