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Small but unique popular establishment that serves beer, burgers and homemade fries.

We are a small but a very unique and popular establishment. We serve burgers and fries (that’s it folks-no chicken or fish) and according to many people we have the best in the, well I have heard city, twin ports, state and world so take your pick. Many times we get very busy and crowded. We have very limited seating and staff so keep in mind we are not a fast food place. For the most part people say it is worth the wait. We have only one deep fryer and a small grill but put out lots of food on it. Our prices are downright cheap compared to other places so if you are in the mood for good inexpensive burger stop by.

Along with a extensive number of micro brews and we have still managed to keep a small neighborhood type atmosphere. We have a nautical motif but along the way other stuff has been introduced and found a nitch in the building. We are always adding more stuff for people to look at. (I hate to go to a bar and stare at beer signs-don’t you?)

Our crowd is very mixed ranging from doctors, college, sailors, longshoremen, politicians, truckers, bartenders, families and people from almost all walks of life imaginable. You can recognize us by the large ship’s anchor we have moored next to the building.

413 Tower Ave, Superior, WI
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