1-Year Impact Sponsorship Package

Presenting our premium “1-Year Impact Sponsorship Package” – an unrivaled opportunity to elevate your brand across MontclairWorld.com with a strategic investment! This exclusive package is designed for businesses seeking maximum visibility and impact, offering exceptional savings and a comprehensive suite of promotional tools.

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential:

  • Duluth After Dark Ad Wall: Immerse your brand in an artistic digital alleyway, capturing attention and engagement on DuluthAfterDark.com.
  • MontclairWorld Advertisement: Enjoy prime visibility on every page, reaching diverse audiences.
  • Business Directory Photo: Secure a prominent spot in our vibrant local directory, enhancing your local presence.
  • Monthly Graphic Design: Receive a fresh graphic design every month, ensuring your ads stay dynamic and compelling.
  • Static Image Placement: Showcase your company logo in our sponsorship section, providing extra visual presence on our magazine and merch page.
  • Clickable Ads: All ads, including the static logo, are clickable, allowing seamless redirection to your desired destination, typically your business website.

Why Choose the 1-Year Impact Sponsorship Package?

  • Comprehensive Visibility: Dominate the digital landscape with ads across DuluthAfterDark.com and MontclairWorld.com, maximizing your brand exposure.
  • Exceptional Savings: Save $ compared to individual monthly rates – an unbeatable deal for businesses aiming for long-term impact.
  • Dynamic and Clickable Ads: Keep your audience engaged with monthly graphic updates and clickable ads, driving traffic to your desired destination.

Limited Availability – Secure Your 1-Year Impact Sponsorship Today! Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to amplify your brand’s influence while enjoying substantial savings. Elevate your marketing strategy with our 1-Year Impact Sponsorship Package – where every click sparks a connection!